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PNG Mask Extractor Activation Code allows you to extract the transparency data from PNG images and generates a mask file that can be imported into Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator or similar applications. The mask file contains all the necessary information to combine the transparency layer with other layers, and turns the PNG into a true layered image. PNG Mask Extractor Compatibility: PNG Mask Extractor is compatible with all standard PNG images. PNG Mask Extractor Features: PNG Mask Extractor has the following features: Extract Mask Data Extracts the transparency data from an image and saves it in a PNG format. The actual mask data is saved as a flat file which can be imported into other Adobe programs. Merge Multiple Files Allows you to merge several images that will be saved as a layered PSD file. The PNG transparent channels will combine to produce a final transparent layer that can be applied to other layers. Export Mask File Exports the mask file so that you can reopen it in another program. The mask is saved as a TAR archive which is a standard format used by many image editors and application. About PNG Mask Extractor: PNG Mask Extractor was developed by and was created to aid the extraction of the mask data from images. All image files will be saved in a JPEG format and all mask files will be saved in a TAR format. The mask itself can be imported into other image editors if they support the TAR file format. PNG Mask Extractor Licensing: PNG Mask Extractor can be downloaded for free from the Website and is available under the GNU GPL license. You can find the latest software update and installation instructions on the homepage. Please note that PNG Mask Extractor may not work properly on older versions of IE. If you have an older version of IE you need to download the latest version of PNG Mask Extractor from the homepage. We can't accept mail-order requests. All requests for a license must be by email to [email protected]. If you want to pay for a license via PayPal, see the PayPal 'Request For Licenses' link in the homepage. If you have a Mac that has Mac OS X Lion or newer version of Mac OS X, you might have a problem viewing the PNG transparency of images on your computer. You may need to download a third party application called "PNG Transparent Pro" to deal with your problem. a5204a7ec7

-------------------------- This tool is designed to extract PNG files with an embedded alpha channel as PNG mask files. (This includes PNG files generated by other software, like Freeimage, Gimp, Photoshop or Paint.NET.) To do so PNG Mask Extractor Free Download will: - Create a new folder (with correct content to be able to extract the PNG files) - Generate, in this folder, a new PNG file with mask data, without saving the image itself - Extract the information inside PNG files, in ASCII format PNG Mask Extractor Torrent Download Requirements: ------------------------------- - PME: version 1.4.7 or greater - PNG Fonts Library: version 1.8.0 or greater PNG Mask Extractor requirements (Windows): ------------------------------------------ - Windows XP/Vista/7/8 - Explorer 6.3 (or higher) - Internet Explorer 9 (or higher) - PNG Fonts Library (version 1.8.0 or greater) PNG Mask Extractor requirements (Mac): -------------------------------------- - Mac OSX 10.4.11 or newer - X11 application with OpenGL and libjpeg support - PNG Fonts Library (version 1.8.0 or greater) Usage examples of PNG Mask Extractor: ------------------------------------- The following example will create a new folder (**_assignement_**), along with other new files (**_PNG mask file_** and **_mask extractor output text file_**), in the current folder (path to this folder is **/**). The PNG Mask Extractor will take the currently selected file, named **_assignement.ppi_**, along with the **.ppi** file of the currently selected file and the path to a destination folder (**_assignement_**) with correct content, and generate a PNG mask file in the destination folder (**_assignement_**). PNG Mask Extractor will also generate a mask extractor output text file in the same destination folder (**_assignement_**), to be used later on. PNG Mask Extractor options: --------------------------- - **Destination Folder**: The destination folder where to create the new files (**_assignement_**). - **Output file name**: The name to assign to the mask file (**_PNG mask_**). -

PNG Mask Extractor [Win/Mac]

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