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How poke became so popular

Edit exactly how your blog looks on your website from the Settings panel. Wix Blogs lets you hide or display the author name and picture, date and reading time, views, comments and likes counter. Toggle between the options and view your changes in real time.

If your blog is connected to a Members Area, you’ll want to make sure the Login button is visible to users. To send automatic email notifications to subscribers every time there’s a post, turn on the email notification option on your Settings panel. Start managing your blog posts from your dashboard by clicking on Manage Posts.

From the Dashboard, you can create, edit and delete posts and update your SEO settings. You can also duplicate or draft posts, turn off commenting, or delete a post altogether by clicking (...) on each blog post.

Once you’re happy with your blog, make sure to publish your posts from the Dashboard and go live with your site by clicking Publish.

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Angello Mutti
Angello Mutti
Oct 06, 2023

Actually, your Wix blog is working well. I'm still learning how to program. However, it continues to obstruct learning. So I left it to the experts software integration images It gave me more time to program, but for the time being, I am compelled to use template sites.

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